Sunday, May 31, 2009

Behind the scenes.

These 3 gals are such good friends. They are Josie, Jocee, and Mercedes. Jocee is Bradie's daughter and she had just barely sang the National Anthem for the start of the rodeo. She is so cute and did a wonderful job singing. When the night was over they had conspired to have a sleepover at Jocee's. They had lots of fun and J.C., Dixon and I went over the next day for a Sunday dinner and to watch Madagascar.
This was J.C. watching the guy who ended up winning the bareback riding. I love the big smile on his face. Just goes to show you that cowboys like to watch a good ride no matter if it's going to beat them.The girls hanging out behind the chutes just being girls laughing and chatting.
This is where we found my boy and his 2 friends. When they weren't running around the bleachers causing all kinds of hate and discontent they were climbing underneath them to get an up close view of the action. Gotta love them boys.

Spur the hide off his neck honey.

Last Saturday J.C. got on a bareback horse at a rodeo in Logan. It was a benefit rodeo for the Cache County 4-H. His good friend Bradie was one of the pickup men, so he talked J.C. into riding.
Here he is behind the chutes before getting on. Sorry all the pictures are fuzzy. I was standing on the fence to take these pictures, plus I was a little nervous. Climbing on.
Look at that great mark out.
Supposedly this horse has never been rode past the first few bucks....
The horse got a little confused when the guy was still on his back and he just went to spinning. Once again sorry about the pictures, I was trying to watch and then I would think to myself take another picture. It's so hard.
This is after the buzzer, when I thought he almost got his head stepped on, but it ended up that his butt got stepped on instead.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Pasture

When the colts were just a couple of weeks old J.C. and the kids took them up to Franklin, Idaho (aka Heaven if you're a horse). I haven't seen them since. It just so worked out that Saturday J.C. had to meet someone up there to get stuff for his truck, so all of us went on a drive with him. The first picture is when we found the horses. It kind of reminded me of Man From Snowy River. We have a total of five horses up there. The rest belong to a couple of friends of ours. We counted 36 in all and I believe they were going to bring a couple more up later. This colt is a crack up. She loves people. I hope she doesn't get to be a pain later on. When I would rub her she would turn her butt into me and back up just so I would scratch it.
This is our 2 year old. She is a full sister to the roan colt with the stripe down her face.
Notice the roan colts ears. They got chewed up right after she was born. Boo hoo

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Soccer....and a little bit of skunk

These pictures of Dixon aren't in order, and he did really good it was just funny to see him trying to do cartwheels when he was goalie. Check out Mercedes going for the ball against two boys. Notice who got the ball too.

Soccer is over for the season now. It was a normal spring soccer season. Very cold and lots of rain. Mercedes and Dixon both did really good. I think next year we will have to get Mercedes on a competative team. She has some good soccer moves. Plus she loves it too. Josie didn't play this year, she is holding out for softball. I'm excited for that too, she is really good. She can even switch hit.

Onto other skunk news. As I am laying here this early morning my hubby walks in from feeding, reaking like a skunk. Supposedly only the dogs just got sprayed out back. He is now in the shower and my room smells. Agh.......

Sunday, May 3, 2009


All I know right now is I'm happy this week is over. We are all so tired. We also got a lot accomplished too. The bathroom is done minus the baseboards. The carpet upstairs will be done tomorrow morning. Then all I will have left to do is finish painting 2 ceilings and the trim everywhere upstairs. I will be so happy to move our furniture in and especially have all of our cloths here. The last couple of days we have had cloths in our old house, in the garage in the new house, and in the trailer behind the new house we have been staying in. It's quite an adventure figuring out where stuff is right now. My mother in law took a day off of work to help me paint. She also helped me scrub the kitchen cabinents. Thanks so much Janet. My father in law has been around to help out with anything and everything. So thanks to you too Randy. J.C. is enjoying this home improvement stuff. He put in the new kitchen sink and plumbed the toilet after he tiled the bathroom. All that was done without much cussing too. He's even going to let me paint one wall in the living room blue.
Yesterday and today was my barrel clinic. It was so much fun. I learned a lot. and Terri and Norma were great teachers. Needless to say I am tired and going to sleep early tonight.