Monday, August 25, 2008

A Crazy Fair Week

I am sooo happy that last week is past us. It all started with Josie's region 4-H horse show in Ogden on Monday. We drove down Sunday and set the trailer up. Kaiye was freaking out. I rode him for awhile first then Josie did. We had to give him a bath and get him ready to show early Monday. Josie did really good at the show. There were just one little thing in each class that kept her from getting a blue ribbon, but overall the juniors from our county were second. Next we hurried home and loaded 2 more horses for the speed events that night at our fair. Mercedes ran poles and barrels. She did really good, it is so fun to see her and Ole Buck do stuff. Then I ran barrels on 39. He ran really good. We won the barrels that night. I also tried to run Kaiye, but I thought he got hurt turning the second barrel so I pulled up and then just finished the pattern loping. Tuesday was just spent preparing all the animals and weighing Josie's pig. Wednesday morning we came out and fed her pig a gallon of milk. Then loaded it in the trailer and headed to the fair. I ran and bought a huge watermelon to feed it in the trailer. We were really worried it wouldn't make weight. There were a lot of pigs that weren't and the sad thing is you can't take them home once you unload them. Well her pig was 230 lbs. so it made it by 5 lbs. It probably had at least 10 lbs. of water weight though. Next I had to hurry and make the signs to put over the pig and calf. Then we went home and brought Sadie's calf to the fair. I know this is getting really long, just imagine all the stuff we did this last week. Anyways I went back to Ogden to run barrels. My friend and I talked the lady in charge into putting us first so we could hurry back to Tremonton to run barrels at the Bulls, Broncs and Barrels that night too. I had a good run on 39 in Ogden considering he got the crap shocked out of him on the way down. I had a short in my trailer so every time I touched the brakes it was shocking him, and I just thought my brakes were adjusted to high. Anyways he was all cut up on his legs and pretty shook up, but he still ran good. What a good pony. Then we made it back to Tremonton just in time to watch my friends daughter run in the pee wee barrel class. She kicked butt too. It was pretty exciting, we actually could only see the top of her head though, because we were on the other side of the fence behind the bleachers, but we could tell she was going fast. She won it and won a really nice buckle. Next I got my horse saddled again and got changed and got over the the arena as they were doing the open barrels. I didn't know when I was up so I started to warm up. I loped a couple of circles in each direction then got off to tighten my cinch right when they called my name. I didn't even have time to get nervous. I jumped back on and trotted up to the arena and ran. We did ok considering everything that happened, (horse getting shocked and cut up, and not warming up) Also it was the first time 39 had run in front of that big of a crowd, and a long time for me. The next morning it was up and early to show Josies' pig, Oh yea, J.C. and Josie had washed it the night before. She was in the second class that came out. The judge kept looking at her pig and then going on to the next. It's kindof nerve racking because he sorts out all the red ribbon pigs firs. Well she made it into the blues and then about halfway through them he finally sorted her pig out. He was a really nice pig, but he was at least a month younger than every other pig, we had to push him really hard that last month. Anyways he was just smaller framed than the judge liked. Hence his name Pee Wee. Next up was Mercedes calf. We washed it and clipped it and sprayed it and ratted its tail. Just for her to get in there and have in waller all over her. She placed dead last in her class. It was sad and I was soo mad. J.C. just wanted me to go home for the night. I was really sleepy, but we needed to get out to the horses and get them washed for the show the next morning. So early Friday morning we load the horses up and head back to the arena for the horse show. Both girls were in the fitting and showmanship class. Josie ended up fourth and Mercedes, poor girl, ended up dead last again. Buck even reached over and bit her on her shoulder when they were out there. The little rascal. But to make it all ok Mercedes went in and won her next and last class the walk trot. She got a blue ribbon and $15. Then Josie was in the Western pleasure, reining, and trail. She and Kaiye did so good they won all of them. She took home $45 big ones. It cracks me up because this big time horse trainer that we know came up to J.C. to tell him how good Josie did, and then he goes man that is a fancy horse she is on too. If he only knew it's my 21 year old old barrel horse. Hee Hee. They all did look good though. Next we just hung out and the kids all went and rode rides the rest of the day at the carnival. Saturday was the big livestock auction. The pigs sold first this year and Josie's pig was 90. There were 220 pigs, 300 and something lambs, and 90 steers. Her pig sold for $550. A friend of ours bought it so Thanks Show Pony. That's what I call him. After that we could finally relax. I was so nervous her pig wouldn't sell good, that nobody would bid on it so I was happy. I stayed in the auction barn and ended up buying J.C.'s cousins lamb. We tried to buy a couple steers, but they both ended up selling for $2,600, way over our budget. That night J.C. and I snuck over to the rodeo. We took the kids to the trailer and started a movie, and we went to watch a little rodeo. We just stood on the track at the gate were the barrel racers go in. My friend ran barrels that night so I wanted to watch her and cheer her on. She did good and then we left before the bulls even started. We had to load the calf up to take it home. And sniff sniff say goodbye to Pee Wee. That's the only part I hate. You get so attached to these animals over the year and then they have to go. I thought a pig would be the easiest thing, Oh no. I didn't just cry a little, I sobbed. I bet I looked pretty silly to everyone around, but if you know me you know how I get. Anyways it was a long, but fun week. Now today my kids are in school for their first day. Dixon is even in first grade so he goes all day this year too. I won't know what to do with myself. Well J.C. has already lined me up to work tomorrow, so that's what. Anyways I know this is long, but so was the week. Bye

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Girls, My Queens. Well almost

Oh my, I know I am a nerd, I just had to show the picture of me that gets to be in our fair book this year. I help out with the queenies, well I don't feel like I do much, but Lola that is in charge thinks I do. Maybe she just says that. My girls decided to try out again this year. They were in the Little Miss group. That is the 7-9 year olds. They did so good. Josie won the horsemanship and Mercedes won the photogenic. Really everyone wins something, but I was so proud of them. Only a year ago they barely dared ride. Now, watch out. It is so fun to go ride and just watch them. It makes my heart swell.

I still have so many more pictures to post. I have been taking pictures forever thinking I would put them on here, so bare with me when none are organized or have any captions with them. I don't know how to do that yet.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here we all are for Mercedes big day. Both girls wore the same dress to get baptized in, I thought that was pretty neat. I'm not much of a writer, or thinker for that matter, so I don't have anything more profound to say. See ya

These are pictures of Josie's baptism from last year. I just have one question? What am I doing wearing a sweater in June?

Josie 4-H horse show

Ok, so I haven't done this forever and I finally decided I would really try to get into all of this. I have a ton of pictures to post, someday, when I can find the time. Josie has been able to show in 4-H this year. She is riding my old horse Kaiye. He is 21 years old now. She did so good. She qualified for the state show in September in Vernal. We also go to region in 2 weeks. That show is only in Ogden.
Mercedes got baptized yesterday. It was a really special day. My parents were up from Kanab, and then there were a few of J.C.'s family there too. I will post those pictures as soon as they get downloaded on the computer.
I'm going to end this short for now just to see if I did it right.