Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Bull Rider "once upon a time"

These are pictures of my hubby at CSI. This is where he went to college and he won the All Around Cowboy at the College National Finals way back when. This mural has been up for awhile, but J.C. hadn't had the chance to see it. He was stuck in Twin Falls between cattle loads so I drove up there to spend the night with him and we went for a tour. Unfortunately there was a car show going on at the time so we couldn't get close to everything, but it was still pretty cool.

The last picture is my ex bull rider of a husband putting his daughter on a rank brahma bull calf. This picture was taken with my phone about a millisecond after he got kicked in the thigh. Ha ha. He deserved it for putting her up there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Father in Law, Randy


So I just downloaded these pictures from my cell phone and it brought back memories.

You see when my father in law gets in a tractor you'de better watch out. Last winter he was feeding the neighbors cows and horses and he had to come get me to help him. When I got there I saw the tractor in the pond. It seems instead of using a shovel to break the ice for the livestock to drink out of he decided to use the tractor. Well that didn't work out so good. The tractor was stuck. I tried to pull him out with his truck at first, but that didn't work. Next we went and got another tractor. He let me(notice how I say let me) get into the tractor that was in the frozen pond to drive out while he pulled. Well I didn't know the gears and I accidentally put it in a forward gear and drove it further into the pond. So we traded and I finally pulled him out. I later found out that there is a 30 ft drop right in front of where I was. That would have been cold.

The next picture was just this fall. Randy decided to move this shed we have. The tractor wasn't quite strong enough so he kept "rearing up" with the tractor. I tried to get a good picture with my phone, but it was really hard to get it at the right moment.

So moral of this whole post is when Randy is driving a tractor, watch out.

P.S. Randy if by chanced you ever read this, I know it's not always your fault. It would help if the tractors ever had any brakes or kindof important things like that.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


You know what I hate? Snow in October. Doesn't mother nature know not to do this until Thanksgiving? At least waite until November. I'de like to have a chat with her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So I haven't posted for awhile again because my camera is not working. I think I have dust in my lense that won't let it open. Anyways I decided to go through old pictures and see what was on them. I found these ones of the kids. I had caught a snake this day and I took it into the house to show my kids. I thought they would freak out. Instead Mercedes and Dixon loved it. Josie kept her distance, but these two wanted to hold it. My neices were there too and they both held it also. I was way impressed.

J.C. is still guiding in Wyoming. He came home this weekend for a couple of days. He has been gone for 4 weeks and has 2 more weeks left. They have done really well this year. Almost every hunter has filled their tags and J.C. even had one hunter who might get in the record books with a bull elk he shot. He shot it with a bow from 10 yards and it is an 8 point nontypical bull. I will post pics as soon as I can download them from his camera.

I have still been going to barrel races every week. Right now I am in the lead to win a saddle. There are 2 races left so a lot can still happen. The funny thing is the girl I haul with is only one point behind me. We laugh about how close we are. I just hope if I don't win it that she does. We would both be really bummed if someone else snuck in there and beat both of us. I'll keep ya all posted about this as it goes along and I am going to scan a picture of me running someday.

Ok I better go ride, I've been on this computer for way too long this morning.