Sunday, April 26, 2009

Demolition. Day 2

Holy cow, I was just typing and everything erased. Now I will start all over again.

Today is my sister in law Stacie's birthday. I almost just typed told how old she turned. hee hee. We went to their house and had hamburgers and other yummy treats. We also got to listen to 5 little kids running around screaming. Fun.
Anyways happy big __ Stacie.

Back to the demolition, we didn't spend too much time out there today. I hauled a trailer load of stuff out there and then I put the kids to work. They are great workers. They chipped away at that dang tile for a solid 2 hours. And by george they have almost got it all out of there. I puttered around changing light bulbs and then I unclogged the sink we aren't changing in one of the bathrooms. That drain had my number too. It should have taken me maybe 10 minutes, instead I fiddled around with it for 30. I finally called my dad. Within 2 minutes It was fixed. Then Josie cleaned out the bath drain. Talk about gross. Yuck. Then the kids and I pulled the border down and scrubbed all the glue off the walls.
Tomorrow I plan to prepare the walls in the bathroom and then get to painting.


Ok so I'm too tired to post pictures right now. Yesterday we had our first day in the new house. We ripped all the flooring out. Except the tile. That stuff is hard to get out. I'll be chipping away at that for awhile still. We pulled everything out of the half bath and laundry room. Also we took the toilet out of the kids bathroom. The linoleum doesn't come up too easily in there so I will be putting the new floor right on top of it.
Tomorrow the carpet guy is coming to measure and then I will pick the new carpet out for the upstairs. I'm also going to try to get the kids bathroom painted so I can start the flooring and get the toilet back in there so we will have a bathroom to use.
My father in law parked their trailer in the backyard for us to use until the house is done. Therefore I will be moving all of our stuff out of the house we are in now and sticking it downstairs until the house is done and we can move all the furniture into it's rightful place.
My life is crazy busy right now. It seems everything has to happen at the same time. This week is birthday table (my last one ever). I just did a huge cheer. I also signed up to go to Norma Wood and Terri Wood Gates barrel clinic this weekend a couple of months ago. At the time I signed up I had no idea I would be in the middle of redoing a house. So wish me luck I get all I need to done including riding my horse to keep (get) him in shape for this weekend.
I'll post more as it happens and hopefully get in a few pictures here and there. I'm bad though cause I'm working and forget to take pictures.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What a long process this has been(and it's still not totally over). But we got good news today. Is it ok to start a sentence with a but? Anyways the underwriters finally came back with an approval on our loan. Thank goodness. I was getting a little stressed. We've already got a lot of money into this house and I was worried that if we didn't get it J.C. would not let me even try for a long time again. I don't know if I would have wanted to either.
Here are a few more pictures of it. These pictures don't do it justice on how filthy it really is though. At least now my dad can be happy to finally see what it looks like. Like I said "It's a fixer upper." I am so happy though and I can't wait until we close in a couple of weeks to start really working on it.

In other family news the kids start soccer this week. Tomorrow Dixon and Mercedes have their first games of the year. Josie is not playing this year. I think she is holding out for softball. She got to go on a field trip today. They went to the bird refuge. I think it's like her 3rd or 4th time going there for a field trip. Owell with the times were in now I think it's good they even got to go there. Plus I don't think the kids care, they're just happy to get away from school for the day. J.C. and a friend spent the weekend in Kanab lion hunting. How unfair is that? I got to spend the last week preparing the house we are in now to sell. The realtors did their tour today and I must say it looked great. I had a lot of help from J.C.'s aunt and cousins getting it ready. Even my brother in law Joe spent a couple of days here working his magic in all things carpentry. I got a little choked up after I found out we are really getting to move. I really love this house and our neighbors and ward. It's going to be sad to leave, but I'm going to be so happy to have land again. Yea