Friday, September 12, 2008

Redhead Ramblings

You know what just drives me crazy? When people put up holiday decorations way way before that holiday. Today I was driving my kids to school and a neighbor down the street has their house decorated for Halloween already. What? Last year a few other neighbors had their Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween. Are you kidding me? I love the holidays, but can we just enjoy one and get it over with before we move on to the next?

Ok. So that is my little rant for now, but be prepared for many more to come. As a redhead I have a reputation to upheld. And if any of you other redheads out there have anything else to add I'de love to hear from you too.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yellowstone trip over Labor Day

So this past Labor Day we went to Yellowstone with my in laws. I have never been there before, so I was way excited. We camped out in their trailers North of West Yellowstone in a campground and drove into Yellowstone everyday. It was so nice just to be away from town for awhile. Sunday we just hung out in the campground and the kids cought frogs in the river. Also as you can see my 145 lb. of twisted steel and sex appeal husband decided to be brave and take a little swim. This is only after all the kids had already dove into the river. For those of you who know him at all know what kind of a wuss he is with cold water.

After we got home I had to hurry and fulfill part of my duty with the PTA. I am in charge of birthday table. This includes writing all of the kids names and their birthdays on a little thing, like a tree or a sun or a four leaf clover. It all depends on the month. Then I cut them out and I have a big board in the school I decorate and I put these on them. Next I make invitations for all these kids each month and I write their names on them and sort them out into each teachers box. Then I order cupcakes and on the Friday of birthday table I decorate the cafateria for them. I also ordered for their prizes this year a really cool cougar paw cup, and a zipper pull with a paw that says McKinley Cougars on it, and some paw erasers. Then all the kids come eat with their parents or whoever comes and they get their prizes and cupcakes. This month I had 101 kids to do this all for. We have just under 600 students in the school, which means I get to write a lot of names down. Thank goodness that is over, well until about two more weeks when I get to start October's birthdays.

Well I'm also a widower for the next month and a half. My hubby is off to Wyoming to guide again. He just loves this time of year, and looks forward to it all year long. He would love to buy one of the hunting camps there. I get a little queesy thinking about it. The camp he wants you have to pack everything up there and it is a four mile pack trip. Argh.

Anyways, did anyone notice the paragraphs? J.C. gave me such a hard time about my last post. So I will now put paragraphs in.