Sunday, February 22, 2009

I used to be Italian, now I'm Irish

Really, I did think I was Italian. FOREVER. I thought gosh I have a big nose, all the Italian maffia guys do too, I must be. Plus for some reason Gillespie sounded Italian to me.

My hubby thought it was his great mission in life to make me come to know I was Irish. He pointed out that Gillespie is in fact an Irish name. I have red hair and a temper like nobody's business also.

I fought him tooth and nail for quite awhile until we were visiting my parents and he brought it up with my dad. They both had quit a laugh over me. But I did come to realize that I am Irish. At least now I can say "Kiss me I'm Irish."

That year after I finally realized my true heritage he bought me a cute little shirt for Christmas. It say "Everyone loves an Italian girl" Ha Ha.

P.S. Like the picture of me. I thought I would show off my big nose. My girls took this picture of me. They got bored after sitting at a barrel race for 2 days. I have to say I look bored too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

High School Tag

I've been tagged a few times, but never did it. So Kilie here goes my dark secrets from my young stupid days.

1. Did you date someone from your school? Oh yes. I changed often too. I wanted to get a good sense of the selection that was out there. Ha Ha My senior year I did date one guy until halfway through my first year of college.

2. What kind of car did you drive? A 1970 something Ford F100. Kilie the red and white one you guys have now. It was a beauty. It even won the Junctions ugly ford contest.

3. Did you pass your drivers license test on the first try? Heck yea, but I don't think ole Hal would flunk anybody.

4. Where you a party animal? What if my mom reads this? Ok a little, but I just liked to have fun and boy did we have lots of it.

5. Where you considered a flirt? No no no no. Could anyone tell me any different?

6. Where you in band, orchestra or choir? No way. I was too emberassed to look like a nerd. I quit playing the trumpet after 8th grade.

7. Where you a nerd? Um I hope not, look to comment number 6. I probably was though.

8. Where you on any varsity teams? Yes. Softball all 4 years, basketball my senior year and cross country.

9. Did you get suspended/expelled? I was supposed to get suspended for sluffing seminary, but we had a softball tournament that week and we didn't have anyone else to play catcher so Coach Henderson set up a little meeting with me, the principal, and the seminary teacher. After we all chatted and I promised I would never sluff again I got to go to school and play ball. Ha ha

10. Can you still sing the fight song? No, maybe if there was a whole crowd to help me out.

11. Who were your favorite teachers? I really liked all of them. Even ole Lorin. He was a big fake. Anyways Mr. Quarnbergh, Mr. Hamblin, and Mr. Walker really stand out. Mr. Hamblin even married J.C. and me.

12. Where did you sit during lunch? At Jennifers house or the Junction.

13. What is your schools full name? Kanab High School.

14. Schools mascot and colors. We were the cowboys. Clancy is his name. I got to dress up like him a few times. I rode my horse in the homecoming parade and cheered with the cheerleaders a few times too. Our colors were red, white, and silver.

15. If you could go back and do it again, would you? No, but if it ever happened I would do a few things differently. Like study more.

16. Did you go to homecoming and with who? Yes, but it's not a big formal thing in Kanab. We always went with just a bunch of friends.

17. Did you go to prom and who with? Yes. sophmore-Sean Douglas, junior-Billy Johnson, senior-Jared Farnsworth.

18. What do you remember most about graduation? Talking all through the ceremony with Jen and having the video camera right on us. Bawling so hard I couldn't even talk. Going to Lake Powell afterwards.

19. Where did you go senior skip day? To Lagoon. We left Kanab at like midnight and got there before they opened. Spent the whole day there and then drove back home. Oh yea, a few of the guys showed up drunk and had to pee about 15 minuts out of Kanab and the bus driver wouldn't stop. ha ha

20. Where you in any clubs? rodeo club, foreign language club, and art club. J.C. laughs at me cause I can't speak any other language, but my spanish teacher really liked me so I was the La Reina.

21. Have you gained some weight since? Oh yea, the freshman 15, but I think it was more like the 30 for me. Then I lost it all and more, but now this winter I've gained some again. Poop

22. Are you planning on goind to your reunions? YES. I missed the 5 year cause I was very pregnant, but the 10 year was great. We were all so close. I can't waite for the 15.

23. Did you have a job while in high school? Yup, Kanab Mission Inn-cleaning rooms, Houstons-washing dishes, Junction and Best Western. I think I'm missing something though.

Wow talk about memories. Now I tag all my friends who happen to read this.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Men, they'll always be boys

I need to remeber next time I go anywhere with J.C. that has anything to do with dogs I'm in for it. (Whatever "it" is)
This is us stuck in the snow coming over the hill between Cache Valley and Tremonton. J.C. wanted to take a different road to see if there were any lion tracks. As you can see I got to see a lot of wild turkeys. There were even lots more, but I didn't get my phone out fast enough.
There was also lots of snow. I know this because we were stuck here for 3 hours. A couple drunk, but very nice guys on 4 wheelers tried to pull us out. No luck. Finally after lots of digging and cussing, (no, not me, my hubby) we were finally out.
My brother in law came up on his ranger to save us and he said it looked like we were digging a grave. Maybe J.C.'s.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sledding fun

Our good friends the Kaiserman's have a team of draft horses and Saturday they invited us over to go sledding. We brought Dixon's friend with us too.
It was a blast. The boys were hilarious. Dixon couldn't stay in the tube. He kept falling out then running back to it and diving in. Then out he would go again.
John also would get the tubes in an irrigation ditch and make the horses go fast and turn in a little circle and the tube would sling shot around. I have Dixon on with me in one of the pictures and this is after the circle when we crashed back into the ditch. Thanks John for stopping the team on time. (I know he did it on purpose)
It was a beautiful sunny day for such an activity. Thanks Kaiserman's for the fun memories.