Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home again

We got home from Kanab on Monday at midnight. I have been so busy since then so this is going to be really short and no pictures yet.(I'm not sure how to do that on my own yet so I will have to call Jen again.) Tuesday I had to finish my part in the yearbook for Mckinley School. I was in charge of the 3rd grade pages, I really hope they turn out ok. Then I had my first barrel race of the year in Farmington. The best thing I can say is I didn't fall of my horse.(I came really close.) I have another one next week in Ogden, then the big one is 2 weeks away in Salina. I am way nervous, but excited too. If I get a good picture I will try to post it. I also have been reading the books by Stephenie Myers, the Twilight series. I finished the 3rd one last night and now I have to wait until August for the next one to come out. Ugh. They are so good though. Ok Jen if you read this call me so you can walk me through the picture thing again. I think this is probably boring to just read everything.
Jon, Janice, and Tavi too that was so cool to see you saw this. My e-mail is Please e-mail me so I can check yours out too.
See ya

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jen gets me started at this blogging stuff

Ok, so first off I am so clueless on computers so I hope when I don't have Jen holding my hand I can figure this out. We are all in Kanab for Spring Break enjoying the warm weather. Jen is teaching me how to do this, along with the rest of us poor souls. Here are some pictures from the trip on the Rhino's and the Easter egg hunt at the park.

At Peekaboo with the rino's

The goodies from the easter egg hunt