Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Josie and Gumdrop

I took this picture of the two of them a couple of days before the fair. I used this picture on the board hanging above his pen.This is them in the fitting and showing class. Josie didn't win anything, but she did a ton better than last year. That means she is learning something right?
Here they are in the grand champion class. The pig to the left of them is the pig that eventually won grand champion. I liked this pig the first time I saw it too. It was some pig.
And here they are showing in their class. It was the fatty class. We had to put Gumdrop on a diet before the show so he would make weight. Wednesday when we weighed him he was 284 lbs. The top is 290 lbs. which he was the week before. He won his class hands down. That's what the judge said anyways. That made us all so happy because we worked with him hard. For 2 months before we had to really watch what we fed him and get him out twice a day to exercise him. I was so proud of Josie and how hard she worked this year.

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