Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Josie's Fast Pitch

Now I really messed these up. They are not in order at all and I'm too lazy to even want to change them around.
This was the first game of the tournament. Josie's team was the first place team. Because of that they had a buy for the first round. This was waiting to see who they would play. That was the never ending game so the team was looking for ways to pass the time. It was so fun watching them laugh and get along so well.This was after the last game. They ended up second. BUMMER. BUT.....they really all played so good. They just had a rough first inning and they couldn't catch up after that.
Stealing was a new concept for her this year. She caught on pretty quick. Both running the bases and when she was catching. I wasn't good at getting pictures of everything, but she stole from 1st base to home and scored.
Josie is the best at tricking people we decided. She looks like this little, tiny, unsure of herself player when she gets up to bat. But bamm, she could hit it good and far.
This was the best part. At her first practice she volunteered to catch. That made my heart swell. I caught, J.C. caught, all my cousins caught, and his causins caught. So really what else could she be better suited for. The other fun part was how truely good she was at it. Being the mom I get so technical and all, but everyone from her own team and those parents to the other teams kept telling me how good she was. She also made the All Star team, but of course I didn't get any pictures. That was really fun. They had the games during the Tremonton 24th of July celebration. They really made a big deal out of it. All the girls had their names announced at the start of the game and then when they were up to bat. They also got a really neat little award at the end too, getting their names announced as they were getting them.
So do I sound like the proud mamma or what?
The sad thing is Dixon also played this summer. But I never got any pictures of him. Boo hoo. Bad mom, bad mom. It got a little stressful. All three had games on the same nights and sometimes at the same time. J.C. and I were always having to divide up and take turns going to their games. Next year I am so happy the girls will be able to be on the same team.


Trinity said...

You should be a proud Mom. I love watching kids play sports when they love it. (and being really good at it, is a great plus)
It sounds like your girls are taking after you. I seem to remember you were quite the ball player.

Kilie Rainey said...

soooo cute:) it runs in the family thats for sure!! I caught too! funnest position:) ... looks like u guys are having tons of fun!! it was fun to read your blog! i havent in a while!! miss ya tons
hope your doing well!
love ya