Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mercedes and Bucky

These pictues really make me so sad that we had to sell the animals after. This is Mercedes and Bucky a few days before the fair. He is all clipped up, just not really washed this morning.My heart was thumping so hard here. They are coming in and I was hoping he would be good for her and she wouldn't get trampled by him or another steer. I don't have to worry about these things so much with the pigs.
Lining him up and getting him squared. Notice in these pictures the guy in the yellow. He was in there to help if the kids steers got a little out of control. He stayed pretty close to Mercedes. I thanked him later.

She ended up fourth in her class and got a blue ribbon. I was so happy. First that she showed him good. Even though Bucky did get a little frisky a couple of times. Second that the judge liked him. There were 90 steers and 4 were red, 1 was white, and 1 was tan. The rest were black. Because he was red I didn't think he would do so good, but the judge only had good things to say about him.

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